How to Restore Files after Partition Table Corruption?

Are you looking for a hard drive data recovery tool? If yes, then you are landed on the right place, where you can get the ultimate recovery tool. Basically, the HD is divided into a number of partitions, thus it is easy to organize data. Through partitions it is easy to separate different kinds of data, backup entire partition data, and encrypt particular partition to secure confidential data. Due to partitioning it is possible to access data quickly and easily, because files are arranged on different drives. There are different file systems available such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT, etc. File system is mainly responsible for storing files and folders based on name and extension, on the partition efficiently.

Operating System maintains a partition table to store information about hard drive partitions. The OS can utilize this table containing information at the time during system booting to mount partition data. Due to operating system crash or hard drive crash these partition tables may get corrupt, this leads to huge data loss stored on the partition. Don’t get depressed, Hard Drive Recovery utility can retrieve system HD files after partition table corruption. This tool is developed by a group of data recovery experts and designed for both Windows as well as Mac operating system users to retrieve lost or deleted files from hard drive. To perform any critical data recovery, this tool best suits. It has built-in algorithms, which supports to scan complete disk in few minutes.

Common reasons, which lead to partition table corruption:

Abrupt system shutdown: If you turn off the system by mistake while running some application it, then the HD partition table may get corrupt. Sometimes, frequent power loss may also lead to partition table corruption, which results in severe data loss.

Virus or malware attack: Malware or virus may attack your system through removable devices or from accessing unauthenticated sites or unknowingly downloading virus infected documents or movie files, etc. These viruses quickly spreads in the entire hard disk and corrupts Master Boot Record, file system, partition table and Operating System, which results in loss of valuable files preserved on the hard drive. Whatever may be the data loss scenario, Hard Disk File Recovery tool can assist you to restore missing files efficiently.

Partitioning or re-partitioning errors: While dividing hard drive or existing partition, if any interruptions like abnormal system shutdown happens or if you follow the wrong method to re-size the partition, then there is a possibility of partition table corruption. Therefore, partitions become inaccessible and leads to loss of important files saved on it.

Precautionary measures to prevent permanent data loss on hard drives:

• Immediately stop saving any data on system HD after data loss
• Do not install any application which leads to overwriting of files
• Don’t install Hard Drive Recovery utility on corrupted hard drive or partition

Useful features of Hard Drive Recovery software:

• Regardless of the complexity of data loss or deletion scenario, you can retrieve data from the system hard disk drive. It is possible to recover files from crashed or corrupted hard drive, dead HD, etc.
• Allows you to restore files lost due to virus infection and also retrieve data from non-bootable drives.
• This tool can work well on various versions of the Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and so on.
• Sometimes your hard disk displays as RAW, thereby making you unable to access the data stored on it. Now you may have a query like how do I restore data from RAW hard disk drive? With the use of this tool, it is possible to restore lost files from RAW HD too.
• Supports to rescue various documents from different types of hard drives such as IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, ATA, PATA, etc.
• You can retrieve missing files from removable storage devices such as memory cards, flash drive, external hard drives, FireWire drives, etc.
• It is capable to recover files from various brands of hard drives such as Apple, Fujitsu, Buffalo, Hitachi, Imation, Iomega, Sony, Toshiba, Kingston, LaCie, Maxtor, SanDisk, Seagate, Transcend, Quantum, Samsung, Western Digital and many more

It is suggested to use free demo version to have knowledge about data recovery from hard drive. Demo form can scan entire disk and displays lost or deleted files based on the file name, file extension, file size, and date of creation, etc. If you are satisfied with the working procedures and recovery results, then go for paid version to save the recovered files.