The Best Recovery tool to Get Back Excel Files

Excel files play very important role in business because they are necessary for creating the official reports. These reports describe the work done by an employee, login time and logout time of an employee. In the commerce fields, the Excel files are effectively used, where they show details of profit, loss, share, interest and investment.

Have you lost Excel files while deleting unwanted files? If your response is yes, then you feel bad about your work. Users think they will never get back those files, but when they come to know that he/she can recover such files then he/she start searching best software on internet. Now, it is very easy to have lost files in your computer. By making use of recovery software, it is possible to collect all those files. As industry experts refer this utility, it is considered most effective and powerful recovery tool.

Some possible situations bring about Excel file deletion are:

Virus infection: The virus infection can be the most common situation for Excel file loss. If you do not have antivirus software on your system and when you download any file from internet then virus may enter your computer along with those file. The virus can affect all the files and folders present on your computer and deletes vital Excel files. Hence, you may experience Excel file deletion.

Accidental deletion using Shift + Delete: While removing unwanted data using Shift + Delete, users think that they can erase unwanted data permanently; there may be the probability of erasing important Excel files along with unimportant files.

Failure of Hard drive: Hard drive is the major part of the computer; it is a main storage device of computer. Hard drive is divided into sections to save the data in a systematic way. Whenever hard drive fails because of maximum heat during running, and then it will delete the Excel file.

This non-destructive tool performs Excel file recovery within a short time. It is able to get back erased Excel files from USB, memory card, etc. It is read only software to bring back lost Excel files within few minutes. This cost effective utility performs deep scanning of drive in order to obtain lost Excel files. It is helpful to perform recovery of lost Excel files from various file system formats like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFSX, NTFS5 and HFS+. It stores the recovered files based on file size, extension, name, etc. It retrieves deleted Excel files with Alternate Data streams.

Some safety measures to be taken by the user in order to prevent deletion of Excel files are:

Try to download files from trusted files. Keep updating the antivirus and avoid using third party applications.

The below mentioned steps helps you to restore deleted Excel files:

Download the demo form of software, install it, after selecting the drive from where you have lost the files, later the utility scans the drive to locate deleted Excel files, the tool facilitates you to preview  the recovered Excel file and if you are satisfied about the actual result then buy the application.